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Staffing Agency Seeking Qualified Employees

FFox Services and Hawk Workforce Staffing Agency is a 100% insured staffing agency whose mission is to help companies find inexperienced laborers to highly educated professionals that meet their needs amid a labor shortage. Every candidate has a unique experience and opportunity to work for the best businesses.

Don’t be discouraged if you cannot find a suitable replacement quickly that fits your team. Even if our clients find the ideal candidate, we maintain the job advertisements and some candidates on standby in the event of a withdrawal or termination of the first candidate.

We have several ways to ensure our job search reaches potential applicants. We provide all the necessary support to team members seeking openings, from announcing new opportunities to hiring the ideal candidate and keeping track of the employee’s success while working for our client.

As our client, you don’t have to worry about payroll, insurance, or other related tasks. Our employment agency takes care of every detail of the search and hiring process while you focus on your business.

Also, we offer support in different areas. Depending on the number of employees, we provide transportation at no additional cost.

Finally, it is our goal to prioritize SAFETY for both our clients and candidates. As such, we ensure that comprehensive safety training, such as Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO), is provided. In addition, we offer assistance with necessary paperwork and orientations, adhering to established handbooks, to ensure that our clients are fully equipped to maintain a safe working environment. Our organization remains committed to meeting the needs of both clients and staffing in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We are open and receptive to accommodating special requests from both parties, with the ultimate aim of achieving optimal outcomes and satisfaction.